Depending on God

Lying in the Arms of God

by Carol Brinneman

Baby Jesus

Lay down His sweet head

In the loving arms

Of His Father,

Trusting His care.

Lord, help me too

To lie peacefully in Your arms,

Confident of Your father-

And mother-like care for me.

Good fathers and mothers

Wrap their cherished infants in warmth,

Feed them delicious spoonfuls of nourishment,

Bathe them tenderly and softly,

Run to them at the first cry,

Nuzzle their sweet-smelling skin,

And coo back their love.

Oh, Father, You do no less for me.

Like Jesus,

Make me lie contently in your arms,

Helpless, weak, and hopeless—without You.

January 22, 2005


by Carol Brinneman

I thought

I ought to do it...


Why am I always caught?


Into doing things

I ought not?

I gotta do it!

I really ought...

Wasn’t I taught that I ought?

I sought it—BUT

Later I fought it.

Just jot it down!

Do a lot!

You’re hot!

Do a LOT!

‘Til you rot!

What is my lot?

“We ought to obey God

rather than men.”

Acts 5:29

“Instead you ought to say,

‘If it is the Lord’s will,

we will live and do this or that.’”

1 John 4:11

October 30, 1996

Out on a Limb

by Carol Brinneman

Zaccheus went to extremes,

The extremity of a tree.

Was he limber enough to climb,

To get out on that limb?

Oh, to see Jesus!

Jesus, the Savior—

Most clearly seen in extreme positions,

Extreme situations, desperate crises.

We will do anything, just to get a glimpse!

It’s a risk climbing out on a limb.

Will it hold my weight?

What about the wind?

What will others say?

Won’t I look ridiculous?

I must become as a child

Reaching out with abandon

To the only one who can save me.

Look, Jesus, look.

Look up here!

See me on the limb.

See, Jesus, see!

Only you can catch me if I fall,

If I fail.

I’m risking all for you!

(You risked all for me

On Calvary’s tree.)

It’s one of those “extreme games.”

Only when we risk death,

Death to ourselves and to the world,

Do we really know what it is to live!

Luke 19:1-6

March 25, 1998


by Carol Brinneman

O Father God,

What am I to you?

Your child,

Your sheep,

Your servant.

My eyes look to you only.

Protect me,

Lead me,

Direct my life.

You provide for me:



Work to do.

I belong to you.

You know my needs.

May I never seek from others

What you’ve already promised to give me.

November 27, 2003

The Crux of the Matter

by Carol Brinneman

O Christ,


You hung on the tree.

For me.

In breathless weakness

You suffered

As God turned His face,

As disciples fled,

As Mary shed

Great drops of pain

Matching your blood that fell

As seeds of courage and hope.

Your ultimate moment of

Weakness, pain and rejection

Was, in parabolic truth,

The prelude to the victory theme.

No anger

No confusion

No regrets.

“Father, forgive them…”

Father, forgive me:

I turn my face from You in suffering.

I flee weakness,

I cry great drops of pain at rejection.

Turn Your face on me and

Make me willing to suffer with

Christ in His weakness … for the joy set before me.

February 20, 2000